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2014年11月 9日 (日曜日)


Heard from somebody who lived long here about what is going on with universities in India. It’s striking (I need some evidence). 13 billion people. More than half of them are under 25. Many landowners, mostly farmers, entered university “business” to make money. What makes them easy to enter the industry is just they have enough land to clear the government standard for starting a university. They pay as lowest wage as possible, and hence can employ lowest-quality faculty. A recent survey among industrial employers says they think 75% of university graduates are simply “unemployable”. Parents thought university diploma is a ticket to job and good marriage, but there are going to be serious consequences for Indian universities as this disillusionment spreads. It’s an English speaking country and the market is large and still growing, and so the near-future scenario maybe more straightforward than that of Japan, like a rise of branch campus of foreign universities, screening by American and European accreditation bodies, etc, etc. (maybe they are here already?)



« Uber in Delhi | トップページ | WIAL授賞式@Delhi »

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